Islands in Fethiye bay and Oludeniz Turkey | Gemiler Island - St Nicholas, Sovalye, Yassica, Tersane, Red Island Visit islands of Fethiye bay and Oludeniz - Gemiler island (St. Nicholas island), amazing Yassica islands, Tersane, Red and Sovalye Island.
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Fethiye Landscapes

Islands in Fethiye bay and Oludeniz Turkey

There are lots of beautiful islands in the Fethiye bay and near Oludeniz with secluded beaches. The most famous island near Oludeniz is Gemiler Island or St Nicholas Island whith several churches where Saint Nicholas was serving. One of the most beautiful island in Fethiye bay is Yassica Island near Gocek. Kids love Rabbit Island with lots of wild fluffy rabbits.


Gemiler Island - St Nicholas Island
Gemiler Island (St Nicholas island Turkey) is known for its many ruins which survived from the time of the Byzantines. There are the remains of the Roman (later - Byzantine) settlement on the St Nicholas island that at one time was one of the centers of Christianity. Construction was conducted here not only in ancient times but in the early middle ages as well. And although many of the buildings were destroyed almost completely here you can still see quite a lot of interesting stuff, in particular the ruins of 4 Christian churches from different times can be found here one of which is the church of St Nicholas.
Kizil (Red) Island
The name of the Red island was due to interesting optical effect - coastal pebbles and sand in the rays of the setting sun takes on a reddish hue. The only building on the island is quite an old lighthouse . The eastern part of the island is closed from the wind and it is a great place for swimming.
Baba (Rabbit) Island
A great population of wild rabbits lives on the island. Both children and adults enjoy watching the inhabitants of this island. Especially little kids get excited about the opportunity to pat these fun animals.
Tersane (Dockyard) Island
Tersane Island is the largest island of the Fethiye bay. During the period of the Ottoman Empire the Greeks lived there but they were deported and you can see only the church and a few old houses on the Tersane island now. Also here you can see the ruins of the fortress. In ancient times citizens were engaged in the ships’ construction in the shallow bays of the island which explains the second name of the island - Dockyard.
Sovalye (Knight) Island
In ancient times Sovalye Island was used for the defense of Fethiye by the Knights of Rhodes hence it got it’s name. Getting to the island you realize that it is really great place as a guard post. Today the island is a home to some people - there are a few cottages, a hotel and a cafe. The boats are constantly cruising between the Fethiye and Sovalye island.
Kekova Island
Kekova is the island that is located in the sea right in front of Simena (Kale). It is one of the most visited Turkish islands. Kekova Island is a long and narrow island. Its coast is dotted with archaeological remains of an antiquity. In addition to the flooded city buildings and the ancient port here in the sea you can see the Lycian sarcophaguses. This is the one of the most desirable locations in the Mediterranean.
Deliktas Island
This island is located in the north- west of the Red Island. It consists of several small islands. It's a great place for diving. Its underwater world is quite amazing. Do not miss the opportunity to dive here.
Yassica Island
Yassica Islands integrates four closely located islands. They can be easily reached by swimming from each other. The distance between the closest islands is twelve meters. One of the main attractions of the islands is cozy small natural pool located on the largest of the islands and sandy cape that extends far into the sea.
Zeytin (Olive) Island
There is Zeytin Island in the north of the Yassica Islands. It is now private property. A small plant that is engaged in the production of olive oil has been built here in Ottoman times. It still operates today. Also there is a olive oil shop on the island.
Domuz (Boar) Island
Domuz Island has got a second name - Prince. There were many wild boars on this island in the past. This island has a harbor sheltered from the wind so many boats are coming here. There is Gobun Bay on the northern part of the island that is a long corridor and has a very narrow entrance surrounded by pine and olive trees. In the end of the bay you can see the rock tombs and ancient ruins.
Cleopatra - Turtle Island
Cleopatra's Beach and Turtle Island is a place where a lot of tour groups are coming. This island according to legend was given to Cleopatra by Mark Antony. Here you can see the ruins of the Roman baths of Cleopatra. The healing mud baths are very popular among tourists. The beach of Turtle Island Turkey is surrounded by the reserved zone - the rare species of flora and fauna are presented here and they are carefully protected by the state.