Saklikent canyon | Saklikent gorge is longest in Turkey Information on the Saklikent canyon - National park and the longest gorge in Turkey near Fethiye.
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Saklikent Canyon - Longest Gorge in Turkey


Saklikent National Park is located in 45 km from Fethiye.

National Park consists of the Saklikent gorge which due to its size is known to the whole world! Saklikent Canyon was recognized as the longest and deepest canyon in Saklikent Turkey and the second largest canyon in Europe. Its length is 18 kilometers and the height at different sites is up to 1000 meters. Throughout its path it has fascinating steep cliffs of natural beauty, waterfalls and 16 caves. The height differences between the inlet and the outlet of the Saklikent gorge for 720 meters!

Saklikent Gorge Turkey is striking for its pristine beauty! The forests of red pine grow around it and there is a river flowing with incredible speed on its territory which even in summer is as cold as ice. High cliffs of Saklikent canyon almost do not transmit light inside the gorge.

With such natural and weather conditions and upstream the river the park offers visitors to make a walking tour along the breathtaking canyon. The most courageous that are going to get to the end of the Saklikent canyon should have a special outfit!

There is a wooden 200 meter long path along the Saklikent gorge Turkey and there you can just walk a little not soaking the feet.

Saklikent National Park was established in 1996. It is the example of wild nature of Turkey and unique tourism hub for lovers of trekking, mountain climbing and picnics. Its area is 12,390 hectares and the word Saklıkent in Turkish means the "hidden city".

We offer both - group guided tours to Saklikent Turkey as well as Saklikent private trips from Fethiye, Hisaronu, Ovacik, Oludeniz and Calis.