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Gocek Turkey and Things To Do


Gocek - low houses surrounded by gardens, azure sea, this picturesque coves, majestic mountains with pine forests, soothing quiet and the same time it is an international yachting center with five first-class marinas.

So where is Gocek in Turkey located? Gocek in ancient times was called Kalimce and is located between Fethiye and Dalyan. Ancient ruins of Kalimce can be seen under the water in nearby bays. According to legend the Icarus made his famous flight in Gocek Turkey. The distance from Gocek to Fethiye is 27 km. From Fethiye to Gocek town you can get by car, minibus or boat.

So what are the things to do in Gocek Turkey? Gocek is a real pearl of the Mediterranean situated in a quiet Gocek bay surrounded by trees and forests. The region has the status of National Park and is under government’s protection. Gocek could remain a sleepy fishing village if a group of exiles Bodrum poets and artists did not come here. Under the leadership of Cevat Shakira (Fisherman of Halicarnassus) they made a sail cruise along the Turkish coast and described their impressions of the route called the Blue Cruise. After this, the most beautiful places around Gocek Turkey became famous among yachtsmen.

Gocek is famous for its natural beauty among the sailors not only in Turkey but also abroad. Gocek town is surrounded by 12 islands and we offer 12 Islands Boat Trip from Fethiye. Gocek islands create a natural harbor of almost round shape protecting it from the wind. In this regard Gocek is called "natural marina”. With every year value and popularity of Gocek  as the center of yachting increases. Gocek also has two beach clubs, one is located in D-Marine and has specially imported sand from Arab Emirates to Gocek beaches, another Gocek beach club is Upper Deck Club located in the opposite side of the Gocek bay in Turkey where you can get free from the center by the water bus. As for the other things to do in Gocek town, it is also famous for it’s Sunday Gocek market – of about the same size like Tuesday market in Fethiye.

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the big city the Gocek Turkey is a place for you. The unique location of Gocek town in Turkey makes it popular for a seaside holiday face to face with a nature away from the hotel complex of bulky and noisy resorts. Gocek offers its guests a magnificent luxury holiday, such famous people like Roman Abramovich, Prince Charles, Bruce Willis, Tina Turner, Demi Moore, Rod Stewart  etc love to come here for holidays.

You can get to Gocek talking our Gocek Boat Trip from Fethiye or by car - we offer great selections of cars for rent in Fethiye.