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Resort of Kas Turkey and things to do


General information an things to do in Kas Turkey. The Kas in Antalya Turkey is a small, beautiful and charming seaside resort of the Turkish Riviera surrounded by orange groves and mountains covered with extensive pine forests. Kas is a resort that has the shape of the peninsula and it is surrounded on all sides by many beautiful bays offering countless places for walking and recreation. The beauty and landscape of Kas’s terrain is almost indescribable so it is better to see Kas once. In the IV century BC the Antiphellos port was founded on the site of the present Kas. It was part of the ancient city Phellos. In the past the town of Kas was one of the most important commercial centers of ancient Lycia.

So what are the things to do in Kas Turkey? Kas is paradise for divers, so scuba diving in Kas Turkey is one of the most popular activities in Kas. During the last 20 years the divers from all over the world are gathering here to enjoy underworld of Kas Turkey. And the number of of such places is as many as 15! Here you can enjoy not only amazingly beautiful places of the underwater world Kas sunken city but also places that have deep historical value where the remains of ancient civilizations, sunken ships, and aircrafts of World War II were found. The one of most beautiful tiny Turkey's beach Kaputas is located near Kas so visiting there is also one of the best things to do in Kas Turkey.

The most famous place for scuba diving is the Uluburun cape. In 1982 at the bottom of this cape the Phoenician ship was discovered that has sunk here in the late 14 century BC. It was a real sensation! Length of the ship is 15 meters and load capacity is 20 tons so it took eleven long years to lift its remains to the surface! Another famous place for diving in Kas is the place of sunk aircraft Dakota C-47 during the Second World War! It lies at the bottom with a depth of 20 meters and is constantly surrounded by sea turtles, mackerel, barracuda and other representatives of beautiful underwater world! Another unique natural and historic site that is located near the resort of Kas is island of Kekova. In addition to amazing natural landscape you can find the remains of a sunken city near Kas Turkey due to earthquake which can be partly seen even in our days. If you wonder what Fethiye to Kas distance then here is it: Fethiye Kas - 106 km, Oludeniz Kas - 111 km, Hisaronu Kas - 108 km.

We offer both - group guided tours to Kas Turkey as well as Kas private trips from Fethiye, Hisaronu, Ovacik, Oludeniz and Calis.