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Kekova Sunken City and Island of Kekova Turkey


The whole area around the city of Kekova Turkey has the same name. There are famous ancient monuments, cities immersed in water - Aperlai, Kekova, Simena and Theimussa that were founded in the 10th century BC by the Lycians. Another name of Kekova is Kekova Sunken City that is located near Kas Turkey on the way to Antalya by coastal road D400.

Kekova is the island in the sea right in front of the Simena island. It is one of the most visited Turkish islands.

Kekova Island Turkey is a long and narrow island, the coast is dotted with archaeological remains of a antiquity. As a result of tectonic movements that led to the rise of the Western Taurus Mountains  the cities of Kekova and Simena plunged into the water.

In addition to the flooded city buildings and the ancient port there are the Lycian sarcophagi in the sea. This is one of the most desirable locations in the Mediterranean .

The coastline of the island of Kekova Turkey is only 19 km. The altitude above sea level in the central part of the island is 188 m. The area of the island is 5.6 square kilometers. On the north shore of the Kekova island Turkey you may find the ruins of the ancient Kekova sunken city, the most of it is flooded as a result of earthquakes and therefore it is of great interest for underwater exploration. Looking through amazingly clear water you can see the Kekova underwater ruins of ancient buildings of IV-V centuries AD - stone stairs, walkways, walls of houses and embankment - Kekova Sunken City in Turkey.

This territory since ancient times to the present day is considered to be very safe harbor for ships. The Roman pirates were approaching here in the past and now the tourists come here to see this fabulous Kekova island (Kekova Adasi in Turkish). Kekova Turkey is the one of main points in the yachting routes of Turkey. The distance from Fethiye to Kekova is 139 km.

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