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Ancient city and beach of Patara Turkey


Patara was founded in the V century BC and soon became the largest port of Lycia.The Temple of Apollo with oracle, that was considered the second most important temple after the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, was attracting pilgrims from all the Greek cities of Asia Minor.

So where is Patara in Turkey located? The Patara ruins and Patara beach are located approximately in 10 kilometers west of the modern Turkish town of Kalkan in province of Antalya (actually Patara Turkey is much closer to Fethiye than Antalya - there are 225 km from Patara beach to Antalya). The distance from Fethiye to Patara beach Turkey is 75 km.

During the wars between the successors of Alexander the Great the Patara ancient city was the major naval port and shipyard. In 42 BC Brutus gave an ultimatum to residents of Patara - he promised to spare all citizens of Patara and even release previously captured captives for the surrender of the city otherwise he would arrange a similar to Xanthos massacre (we offer private Fethiye Xanthos Saklikent Patara tours). Patara chose to give up. 

The Roman emperor Hadrian used to live in Patara ancient city for some time. The Apostle Paul and the Luke the Evangelist stayed here and on the way to Rome. In 138 BC the population of the Patara city was about 20,000 and Patara was the second most important city after Ephesus. Patara is also the birthplace of St. Nicholas (270 AD) - Archbishop of Myra and the prototype of Santa Claus. 

Today Patara Turkey is mostly known for its beautiful white sand beach. Patara Beach Turkey is a strip of white sand of 500m width stretching along the Mediterranean coast for 20 km. There are sunbeds, changing rooms, several places to eat and have fun on the beach. It is a place where tourists can relax in a quiet secluded atmosphere amid the stunning seascapes. Beach and the sea is maintained in perfect cleanliness as Patara is the National Park and protected by the government. Patara Beach in Turkey was recognized as the best beach in Europe by British weekly journal The Sunday Times. You can get to teh beach of Patara from Fethiye by car on D400 - coastal road to Antalya.

We offer both - group guided tours to Patara Turkey as well as Patara private trips from Fethiye, Hisaronu, Ovacik, Oludeniz and Calis.