Hisaronu Oludeniz Turkey | Hisaronu Resort in Turkey Information on Hisaronu Oludeniz Turkey. Things to do in Hisaronu Turkey. Hisaronu shopping, bars, restaurants and Hisaronu nightlife.
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Hisaronu Oludeniz Resort


Hisaronu resort is a picturesque place situated near Fethiye where the nature is incredible in any season of the year. Here you can enjoy wonderful views of the Taurus Mountains and a coolbreeze even when the summer is really hot. 10 years ago Hisaronu Oludeniz was just a Turkish village, but now it is known as the most popular resort town appreciated by tourists from all over the world. It will take you just a few minutes to ride to Hisaronu from Fethiye, so you have the chance to visit several places during your Hisaronu holiday! Don’t doubt and dedicate some time to this unforgettable trip as Hisaronu in Turkey is a little world full of various activities for your leisure time. Sometimes people call Hisaronu wrong way - Hisaranu, Hisaranou, Hisaronou, Hisoranu, Hisoranu, Hisorono, Hisarano, Hissaronu, Hissaranu, Hisarono, Hisaroni, Hisaruno, Hisarouno, Hisanoru, Hosaronu, Hisronu and even Hironasu.

There are lots of shops with nice and memorable souvenirs in Hisaronu Oludeniz, so you will be able to choose some special gifts for your friends and beloved. If you want to try delicious Turkish cuisine, Hisaronu restaurants welcome you! You can choose the place for dinner according to your peculiar taste as there is a range of restaurants in Hisaronu with their own peculiarities. 

Holidays in Hisaronu Turkey are for those who want to have a rest after a hectic way of life and forget about the noisy cities. With Hisaronu holidays you will enjoy the new places saving money; therefore holiday villas in Hisaronu Turkey will be affordable for everyone but in any case will be very comfortable and nice. 

Hisaronu holidays will be to the liking of every tourist, both for peace and quiet fans and for party animals of any age. When the sun goes down the Hisaronu nightlife takes the lead in Hisaronu Oludeniz. Lots of tourists have fun till morning! Everyone will find a favorite spot for leisure in Hisaronu online, so after such a wonderful vacation you will have a wish to come back here once again for sure.

What is the most popular Hisaronu beach? Unfortunately there are no beaches in Hisaronu Turkey and the closest Oludeniz beach is located in 10 minutes by dolmus (public mini bus).

What are the things to do in Hisaronu village? Hisaronu town (some people call it Hisaronu village) is famous for it's incredible night life. Most popular Hisaronu restaurants are Dragonaro Chinese restaurant, Castello, Suzannes, Shine Indian Restaurant, The Olive Tree, The Bees Knees. Another highlight is Hisaronu shopping - there are lots of souvenir, jewelry, clothes shops in Hisaronu located on the main street, anotehr name is Hisaronu bar street. There are plenty of Hisaronu bars located on the main street as well, most popular are Aloha - Heads or Tails, Time Out, Summer Jam, Fez Bar, GAP, Lazy Turtle etc. Hisaronu resort is great place for both family and adult holidays. There is market in Hisaronu once a day where you are able to but clothes, souvenirs, spices, towels etc. The Hisaronu market day is Monday. Hisaronu is good place for clubbing holidays because there is one big Revolution Nightclub (real highlight of nightlife in Hisaronu) and many smaller clubs in Hisaronu Turkey.

Where is Hisaronu in Turkey located? To be honest there are two holidays resorts in Turkey with the same name Hisaronu - one is near Marmaris and anotehr one is between Fethiye and Oludeniz, the last is ours. There are 8 km between Hisaronu and Fethiye and you can catch dolmus (mini bus) every 15 minutes to get to Hisaronu from Fethiye. The closest to Hisaronu airport is Dalaman. The distance from airport Dalaman to Hisaronu is 55 km. From Hisaronu to Oludeniz (one of the most beautiful Turkish beaches) you can get by dolmus every 15 minutes - the distance from Oludeniz to Hisaronu village is only 4 km.

Your Hisaronu holidays 2016 will be unforgettable with no doubt! You can lie in the sun and bathe in the water during the day, visit excursions and nearby sights, enjoy horse riding, jeep safari, scuba diving, paragliding, visit aqua park and have fun in any kind of way. In the evening Hisaronu nightlife turns into the world of crowded bars and pubs, opens the night clubs for those who like to party till dawn. So you will be able to have fun in Hisaronu all day and all night!

And finally - is Hisaronu safe? According to the recent reports of Foreign Office, Fethiye, Oludeniz an Hisaronu area is completely safe for holidaymakers.

If you haven’t visited Hisaronu yet, get ready for an exciting journey. Grab your friends and family, rent a holiday villa in Hisaronu online and have the time of your life in Hisaronu resort – one of the most distinguished places in Turkey!

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