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Dalyan Resort and Things to Do


If you are looking for Dalyan information then you are in a right place. The history of the Dalyan Turkey (known as Turkish Venezia) dates back to ancient times and as usually happens in such cases it is full of a large variety of legends and myths. The most touching of them is connected with the complicated relationship of boy and girl which were born by the Miletus - son of Apollo. Dalyan’s history is also closely linked with the history of the ancient city Kaunos that was founded in the 10th century BC. Even now there are excavations been conducted in its vicinity and still they give unexpected discoveries to archaeologists. It is now clear that Kaunos existed before the Byzantine period and was a major seaport in ancient times. Later due to the formation of the Dalyan River delta the city was forced to move inland. Dalyan River meets the sea at Iztuzu beach (Dalyan Turtle Beach). There are famous Dalyan mud baths and Lycian Dalyan rock tombs on the way from Dalyan town to Turtle Beach. Dalyan mud baths contain minerals such as calcium and magnesium which are beneficial for the skin and overall health.

So where is Dalyan resort in Turkey located? It is located between Fethiye and Marmaris within the limits of the Ortaca district of the Mugla province on the south-west coast of Turkey. The distance from Fethiye to Dalyan town is 60 km.

Dalyan resort (Turkey) and its surroundings are very clean in environmental terms. There is a mild Mediterranean climate so winter temperatures rarely drop below 12 C and usual air temperature in summer time is 29 C. The water temperature in summer is 24-29 C. Because of favorable climate the vegetation is lush and varied. The one of the most famous Dalyan attractions is its flora. More than a hundred species of trees grow here along with a wide variety of tropical flowers and fragrant herbs. In the thickets you may see many different breeds of birds including rare species. So what the best things to do in Dalyan Turkey? Dalyan resort Turkey is famous for its remarkable Iztuzu beach (Turtle Beach Dalyan) - a wide and picturesque. The Dalyan beach is pleasant not only to tourists – it is constantly visited by giant sea turtles Caretta Caretta. Biologists know that sea turtles cannot even live in a bad environment therefore their sympathy to the Iztuzu beach Turkey (we have tour to turtle beach Turkey) tells about environmental well-being of the region. Besides Dalyan turtles Caretta Caretta here you can see Nile softshell turtle with a snake's head. By the way we arrange private tours to see Dalyan turtles.

As for the other things to do in Dalyan Turkey, there are many sources of thermal and mineral water in Dalyan Turkey and the surrounding area. The most well - known source is near the mountain Olmez which is 4 km away from the city. The temperature of its water is about 39 degrees and it contains of radon, sulfide and calcium chloride. This water brings relief to patients with skin and gynecological diseases as well as musculoskeletal system’s diseases.

Ones of best local entertainment and best things to do in Dalyan are fishing and catching the so-called blue crabs - mavi yengec (Turkish) that is considered a delicacy in the best restaurants of Europe. And fans of cultural discoveries can go to the Lycian rock tombs in Dalyan (II century BC).

We offer group guided tours to Dalyan Turkey as well as private tours to turtle hospital Dalyan and private boat hire in Dalyan with ground return transportation from Fethiye, Hisaronu, Ovacik, Oludeniz and Calis.