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Uzumlu villas for rent

  • £65.00 Santi Villa

    Santi Villa Uzumlu

    From £65.00

    Uzumlu is a quaint Ottoman village with character and basic amenities for shopping, bars and resturants. It is a family style location and not for night-clubbers with its greatest asset being located in a glorious ring of mountains. Santi villa in Uzumlu is suitable for 12 people.  

    Rooms: 7, persons: 12, floors 3

    Apartment #Santi Villa https://www.traveltofethiye.co.uk/content/images/15/57997211938102.jpg

The Uzumlu village is located in 18 km from Fethiye and 500m above sea level so the lack of humidity and breeze is a welcome bonus to Uzumlu property on hot days. If you are looking for an authentic place to holiday, Uzumlu is the place where time stops offering you sit down on the balcony of on of our villas in Uzumlu Turkey, drink a glass of red wine at a local winery and enjoy the mountain scenery. The village is famous for its wine and lace making and is known for its fine grapes. The word "uzum" means "grape", so the excellent local wine is produced here and juicy grapes decorate the terraces of Uzumlu villas until late autumn. It is a true paradise with the emerald - green meadows and picturesque mountains covered with dense fairy pine forests.

The village has retained the natural charm and character of a Turkish village. The valley in which the village is located is one of spectacular beauty and is surrounded by thick pine forests, mountain streams and rugged hillside. This all look like Turkish Tuscany.

The village of Uzumlu is really friendly so here you will experience the real, unspoiled Turkey. You will find a number of bars and excellent restaurants specializing in homemade dishes. There are also many local conveniences such as a bakery, butchers, cafe and a number of grocery stores. There really is everything to hand in the village that you may need during your stay at our Uzumlu villas or apartment. On Friday the village hosts a market where you can buy wonderfully fresh local fruits and vegetables along with "dastar" textile. Many of the local women make and sell their goods in the local shops such as scarves, table cloths, curtains and other linen products. On the walk to your villa of apartment in Uzumlu, you will often see grapes hanging from traditional farm holdings with chilly pepper drying as well as sheep and goats wandering down the narrow lanes.

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